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The graph below is provided as an aid to search for delegates to the Colored Conventions between 1830 and 1883.

Data is limited

Please note that the graph is a work in progress and is not comprehensive. The data in the graph includes only the formal rolls of delegates that appeared in many of the minutes of the conventions. If a person attended a convention, but did not serve as a delegate, their name may not yet appear here. We are also working to include the names of the men and women whose names were left out of the minutes.

Snapshot of the data

Category Included Estimated Total
Conventions 84 300+
Delegates 3,484 10k+
Attendances (edges) 4,462 10k+

If you find any errors in the current data, please write to coloredconventions [at] udel [dot] edu. If the graph does not load, please try refreshing and check any ad-blockers.

How to read the convention codes

You will see that the conventions are listed by a code used by the CCP to distinguish each of the many conventions. Each name for a convention follows this format: 

Year (YYYY)
State (State abbreviation)
Month (MM)
Day (DD)
City (City's first four letters)

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